Pagrindinis Rules for participation in projects run by NGO VERSLI MAMA

1. Definitions
1.1. Rules – rules governing rights and obligations of participant who has been registered on the websites of projects administered by the NGO VERSLI MAMA, including, but not limited, internet portal, via e-mail, via VERSLI MAMA social network accounts and / or other digital marketing tools.
1.2. Project Coordinator – NGO VERSLI MAMA, legal entity code 34156099, non-VAT payer, registration address Fabijoniškių str. g.73-2, Vilnius, Lithuania.
1.3. Registration form – a form for the project participant enrollment, provided online, including, but not limited to, the internet portal and/or websites of projects coordinated by the NGO VERSLI MAMA that has been re-directed to using digital marketing features.
1.4. Participant – a natural person who, in accordance with the procedure established by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania, has the right to conclude transactions in his / her own name and meets the requirements of the target group of a specific project.
1.5. Personal data – Participant’s name, surname, age, marital status, education, address, telephone number, e-mail address.
1.6. Project – a training session, conference, seminar or other similar event organized by the NGO VERSLI MAMA, for which the quantitative and qualitative requirements provided in the application of a specific project are set.

2. General provisions
2.1. These Rules establish the mutual rights, duties and responsibilities of the Project Coordinator and the Participant who registers himself/herself for the activities of a specific project, the procedure for payment, refund of the participant’s fee and other issues related to participation in the project activities.
2.2. The Rules become a binding document for the parties from the moment the Participant gets acquainted with them and agrees to them by ticking the box “I have read and agree to the Project Terms and Conditions”.
2.3. Participation in project activities is free of charge for participants, unless otherwise specified in the agreement with the granting agency. If a fee is charged for participation in the project activities, the Participant is not allowed to pay this fee until he/she has read and/or agreed with these rules.
2.4. The Project Coordinator has the right to change and/or supplement the Rules at any time. Amendments and/or supplements to the Rules shall enter into force upon their publication on the Internet portal
2.5. Following the addition and/or amendment of the Rules, they apply to all future project activities, including those for which registration is taking place at the time of the amendment of the Rules.
2.6. By agreeing to the Rules, the Participant confirms that (s)he has the right to register for the project, i. y. complies with the rules of 1.4. p. specified criteria.
2.7. The Agreement between the Participant and the Project Coordinator shall be deemed concluded from the moment when the Participant fills in the Participant’s form, selects the payment method (if applicable), confirms that (s)he has read the Rules and clicks the registration or equivalent button in the online interface.
2.8. Additional conditions for participation in project activities may be specified in the project registration form.

3. Privacy policy (personal data)
3.1. The Participant must indicate his/her personal data (name, surname, age, education, marital status, telephone number, e-mail address, etc.) in the relevant fields of information provided by the Project Coordinator. The data is necessary for the Participant registration and/or selection procedures according to the specific project requirements, and/or payment the Participant Fee (if applicable).
3.2. The Project Coordinator has the right to collect and process personal data provided by the Participant to the granting agency and, if necessary, disclose them to third parties when and to the extent necessary for the execution of the project, data processing or planning and analysis of the Project Coordinator’s activities. The Project Coordinator has also the right to use the Participant’s personal data for the purposes of marketing and providing information to the Participant within the scope of the Project Coordinator’s activities. The approval of this legal document carried out in accordance with the procedure set forth in paragraph 1 shall together constitute consent to the use of personal data for the purpose set out in the paragraph 2.2 of these Rules.
3.3. By agreeing to the processing of the Participant’s personal data for the purpose of participation in the project activities, the Participant also agrees that the messages related to the projects carried out by the Coordinator would be sent using his/her e-mail and/or telephone number.
3.4. By registering for project activities, the Participant undertakes to keep and not disclose the login details, if any. If a participant forgets the password, the password reminder provided on the specific website can be used. In such cases, the Participant is recommended to contact the project Coordinator via e-mail
3.5. The Participant confirms that (s)he has familiarized himself/herself with the personal data processing terms and conditions, and has the following rights:
1. To check his/her personal data and demand the correction of incorrect, inaccurate personal data;
2. To prohibit the collection and processing of his/her personal data at any time, except as necessary to fulfill the requirements arising from the contract for participation in project activities;
3. To require the amendment or destruction of his/her personal data or the suspension of the processing of personal data by sending a notification via e-mail, or by submitting the notification to the office of the Project Coordinator specified in paragraph 1.2.

4. Participant rights and obligations
4.1. Participant has the right to register himself/herself in accordance with the procedure established in these Rules and provided in other information sections of the Internet portal and/or related project websites.
4.2. If applicable, the Participant undertakes to pay the estimated Participant fee at the time and under the conditions specified in the registration form for project activities.
4.3. If the data provided in the Participant’s registration form changes, the Participant must update them immediately.
4.4. The Participant undertakes not to transfer his/her login details to third parties. If the Participant loses the login data, (s)he must immediately notify the Project Coordinator via e-mail or using contacts provided at

5. Rights and obligations of the Project Coordinator
5.1. Project Coordinator undertakes to create all conditions for the Participant to properly participate in the organized project activities.
5.2. If the Participant tries to endanger the stability and security of the project Coordinator’s work or violates its obligations, the project Coordinator has the right to immediately and without prior notice restrict or suspend the Participant’s access to the services provided by the Project Coordinator.
5.3. Project Coordinator undertakes to respect the Participant’s right to privacy of the personal information belonging to the Participant specified in the registration form.
5.4. In the event of significant circumstances, the Project Coordinator may suspend or terminate the activities without prior notice to the Participant.
5.5. Project Coordinator has the right to cancel the registration for paid activities without prior notice to the Participant, if the Participant, having chosen non-cash payment methods, fails to pay the Participant’s fee within the specified time.
5.6. Project Coordinator has the right to demand that the Participant return the training material provided to him/her free of charge, necessary for the proper implementation of the project activities, if the Participant does not participate in the project activities, does not perform independent work tasks (homework) and otherwise ignores cooperation.
5.7. When the Participant chooses to pay for participation in the project activities in cash during the implementation of the activity, the Project Coordinator shall contact the Participant with the telephone number specified in the registration form in case of any doubts regarding the information provided in the registration form arise. The Project Coordinator has the right to cancel the registration without prior notice to the Participant if the Project Coordinator fails to contact the Participant within 5 (five) business days.
5.8. Project Coordinator has the right to withdraw from the concluded contract for participation in the project activities if the contract was concluded by a person who was not entitled to conclude the contract in accordance with these Rules, or the person provided misleading information when concluding the contract.
5.9. Unless otherwise specified in the call for proposals, all project pilot trainings organized by the NGO VERSLI MAMA include compulsory participation in training sessions, independent work, submission of homework within the deadlines specified by the lecturer and completion of feedback questionnaires. Upon completion of the entire training course, a certificate is issued.

6. Registration and payment procedures
6.1. Registration for project activities, both paid and free of charge, is available at any time of the day during the project registration period.
6.2. A participant who notices an error in the registration form or wishes to cancel participation in project activities must contact Project Coordinator immediately via e-mail E-mail inquiries will be answered no later than the next business day.
6.3. The participation fee is indicated in the registration form. The Project Coordinator reserves the right to change the registration fees in the event of changes in taxation. After the successful completion of registration, the registration fee does not change.
6.4. The participant pays for participation in paid project activities in one of the following ways:
1. Payment in cash upon arrival at the project activity venue;
2. Payment by bank transfer:

Non-profit entity “Versli mama”
Company code 304156099
Correspondence address: Vytenio st. 20, Vilnius
Bank account No. LT73 7044 0600 0806 9475 | SEB bank
Purpose of payment: Provide the prepayment invoice data.

6.5. When the participant submits the registration, a prepayment invoice is sent to his/her specified e-mail within 2 business days. After the participation payment is ready, Participant is sent the final invoice via e-mail.

7. Cancellation of participation in project activities
7.1. Participant has the right to refuse to participate in the project activities for which (s)he has registered without giving a reason, by notifying the Project Coordinator in written form at least 2 business days before the start of the activities. If applicable, the Project participant fee shall be reimbursed by the Project Coordinator no later than 15 business days from the date of receipt of the notice of refusal to participate in the project activities.

8. Liability of the parties
8.1. Participant is fully responsible for the accuracy of the personal data provided. If the Participant does not provide accurate personal data in the registration form, the Project Coordinator shall not be liable for the consequences thereof and shall acquire the right to claim compensation for direct losses incurred by the Participant.
8.2. The Participant is responsible for transferring his/her login details to third parties. If the services provided by the Project Coordinator are used by a third party who has logged in to the Project Coordinator’s website using the Participant’s login data, the Project Coordinator shall consider this person as a Participant.
8.3. Project Coordinator shall be released from any liability in cases where the loss arises due to the Participant’s failure to take into account these Rules, notwithstanding the Project Coordinator’s recommendations and the Participant’s obligations, although (s)he has been given such an opportunity.
8.4. If the Project Coordinator’s website contains links to the websites of other companies, institutions, organizations or individuals, the Project Coordinator is not responsible for the information or activities contained therein, does not maintain, control or represent those websites and individuals.
8.5. In the event of damage, the guilty Party shall indemnify the other Party directly.

9. Information and marketing
9.1. Project Coordinator shall send all notifications by the means of communication type specified in the Participant’s registration form.
9.2. Participant sends all notifications and questions to the phone number and e-mail address indicated on the Project Coordinator’s website.
9.3. Project Coordinator shall not be liable if the Participant does not receive the sent information or other notifications because of computer network failures.

10. Final provisions
10.1. All disputes arising out of the implementation of these Rules shall be settled by negotiation. In case of failure to reach an agreement through negotiations, disputes shall be resolved in accordance with the procedure established by the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.

Valid from 04/01/2021